Coronavirus: Shehu Dikko’s four options to end Nigeria Professional Football League and the fairest option.

Coronavirus: Shehu Dikko’s four options to end Nigeria Professional Football League and the fairest option


As the world plans to restart their Elite Football league, which was brought to an abrupt end by the Coronavirus Pandemic, there have been several options adopted by nations in a bid  to crown the champion of the league season .

The Ligue de Football Professionnel crown Paris Saint Germaine Champion of the season based on the classification of the table on points per game as it was believed that was the fairest way to conclude the season.

PSG had a 12-point lead over second place Olympics de Marseille.

Though in German Bundesliga, Bayern München are the clear favorite to win the league with four points ahead of their closest challenger, Borrussia Dortmund, the German Football Association (DFB) decides to finish the season with regular play.

In England, the English FA has branded their return to football as “Project Restart” as the date of return has shifted from June 12 to 19 but it certain that regular play will decide the champion of the season.

In Nigeria, there are four options available to the League Management Company, according to the Chairman of the LMC, Shehu Dikko

Though the preferred option by LMC  , which is the Super Six Playoff has received criticism by stakeholders .

Abdul Maikaba lamented saying , it is unfair .

“Ending the league with a playoff tournament is an unfair treatment to his side considering the 2018 scenario when the League was awarded to Lobi Stars.

“I don’t see a situation where the team with 49 points will be joined with the team on 39 points to play ‘playoff’ together, He said.

“It’s not even in the rule, so why not stick to the PPG rating and end the league? Why playoff? PPG should be the first option to be considered,”.

According to Dikko in an interview with Channels Television, said the first option is the possibility of resuming the league from where it stopped due to Covid-19.

“The first option that was looked at is the possibility of resuming the league normally. Can we play home and away, finish the remaining 13 games in the season? But it’s a long shot based on what is happening, because even if the country reopens, we are not sure we are going to have the chance for inter-state travels. We are also considering the health of the players and everybody involved.”

The second option according to the LMC Chairman is the possibility of moving the teams to a particular state where we have three stadiums that are not more than two hours within themselves, so we can all stay there for about six to seven weeks and finish the remaining matches at a neutral venue.

He further said the second option would have a huge financial implication.

“But it is also another long shot because the teams have to move there and be quarantined, we are also considering the financial demands on the clubs.

The third option, which is the Super Six Play-off has be criticized by Lobi Star coach, Coach Ogunbote and Plateau United handler, Abdul Maikaba but according to Shehu Dikko , it is the best option and the most realistic .

“For option three, based on the time available, we can just end the league as it is today and then we adjust the table, using the point-per-game system so that we can adjust the teams that have outstanding games and bring all the teams at per. Then we can go on and do a play-off of maybe Super 6, which will determine the champions and the clubs that will go on the continent.

“The play-offs will now be in one venue with six teams, which makes it easier to control and will be completed within 10 days.

The fourth option is based on the impossibility of the country not opening for regular activities.

“ if the country can’t open and the government won’t allow football activities to continue, to end the league as it is today and do the adjustment of the table by using the point-per-game system to bring all the teams at par so that sporting merit and fairness can be obtained and three or four teams will represent Nigeria on the continent, depending on what the NFF decides.”

Though countries have adopted several options in a bid to crown the champion of the season. What do you think is the fairest option for the Nigeria Professional Football League .


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