German League is the toughest and strongest in Europe - Aruna Quadri

German League is the toughest and strongest in Europe – Aruna Quadri


You could measure the peak of his career for what he has achieved since he turned professional and the many shattered records he broke as an African player.


Earlier this year, he signed for top German Club, TTC Rhön-Sprudel Fulda-Maberzell on a year deal with an option to extend.


After a decade in the Portugese League, Aruna Quadri acknowledges in an interview with ITTF-Africa Press Officer, Olalekan Okusan ,  that the Bundesliga is the toughest and Strongest .


“For years many people are aware that the German League is the toughest and strongest in Europe; for myself I have no doubt about that. I am fully aware of what I am going to be facing with the start of season 2020/21.


The Portuguese league is entirely different from the German league, there is an enormous difference regarding the level. For me, the German league is of the highest level, while the Portuguese league is a normal one but not too bad. The German Bundesliga has several players rated top 100 or even top 10 in the world. For this reason, the level is high and the competition is tough.”


Aruna , whose strongest weapon is his forehand , said there is a need to improve his backhand in the challenge ahead of him in Bundesliga .



“Without doubt, my forehand is my strongest weapon but these days my backhand is improving and it’s not bad at all. If I want to survive in the German league, I still have to improve my backhand these days, to make my game more balanced; I accept this challenge.”


“There will always be a lot of pressure before and during the matches. So I hope to manage the situation in a good manner and be a good ambassador for my team and for the whole league.”


Aruna Quadri is African number one player and the first African to reach the quarters-final stage of the Olympics


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