NLNG RA Ladies celebrate Mother’s Day with Novelty match

NLNG RA Ladies celebrate Mother’s Day with Novelty match


In commiseration of Mother’s day, The NLNG RA Ladies Falcons  of Bonny Island organize a novelty match between Omolade Falade FC (Blue Team) and Ayodele Korede United (Yellow Team)  to celebrate and honor  mothers as well as motherhood and maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in the society.


Before the ceremonial kick off  , according to Goke korede, the Production Manager of NLNG , who represented the location manager , Leye Falade ,  in his address , he explained the importance of mothers in community building , “ Being a mother is one of the most important roles a woman can ever play – loving their children, protecting them, caring for them, and teaching them. But apart from biological mothers, there are women who take it upon themselves to be safe havens for children close to them by paying attention to their well-being and providing them with motherly support.


He further stated that the novelty match is to solidify the unity and bonds that has already existed within the NLNG RA Ladies Association.

Speaking about the mother’s day celebration during the closing remarks , the Chairlady of the Association, Victoria Obakpolor explained the need to constantly appreciate our mothers who selflessly sacrifice for their children, encouraging them to aspire, and unleash their potentials to become the change makers they ought to be.

NLNG RA Ladies celebrate Mother’s Day with Novelty match

Victoria Obakpolor- Chairlady , Nafisa Dewu- Vice Chairlady and Nwakalor Oluwatoyin- Activity Coordinator

In her remarks, the vice chairlady of the association, Nafisa Dewu said “is symbolic and has been set aside world-wide to celebrate and appreciate mums; their sacrifices and efforts so that is why we are celebrating this novelty match to continue to support the mothers of the association “


The commentator of the match , who is also the activity Coordinator, Nwakalor Oluwatoyin thanked all the mothers that participated and those that ensure that the events went as planned.

The novelty match ended with the Yellow team winning 4-3 via penalty after the full duration as the two sides were captained by Boma Okoh , who led the  Team Ayodele korede (Yellow team) while Martha Ismaila captained Team Omolade Falade (Blue team) , the team was Coach by Someari .


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