Dina Meshref: The Waving Flag of Africa Female Table Tennis

Throwback : Dina Meshref: The Waving Flag of Africa Female Table Tennis.


It is difficult to predict the future.

But you will be right to say Dina will still be Africa Number one player in the year 2019 and maybe in 2020.

The reign of Dina Meshref will only be determined by how Nigeria female tennis developed their artistry.

The only females that can wrestle from the Egyptian and which history has proved to do so are Nigerian female tennis players.

No other Africa country has.

Her reign will be so much like that of Serena Williams and her dominance will also be like the first of its kind in the history of Africa table tennis.

It will probably be more than the glorious reign of Nigeria’s duo of Bose Kaffo and Funke Oshonaikie combined.

All Africa female tennis players are aware of the threat of their Chinese and Europeans counterpart but there is a bigger obstacle within and that is the reigning All Africa Games Champion – Dina Meshref.

Will there be any, who can cut short her supremacy,

Born 24 years ago, a two time olympian . Dina has won every tournament organised by the Africa Table Tennis federation and he has being on the podium at every Africa games she has participated .

In December 2015 , she was ranked top 100 players .

All hail the Queen of Africa Table Tennis.


Mudashiru Shittu


Mudashiru Shittu

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