Unpaid Wages: Falode urges players to be more patient as she assures of more debt offset

Unpaid Wages: Falode urges players to be patient as she assures of more debt offset


Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Football League, Aisha Falode,  said the hiccup between Club owners and Players over unpaid salaries in Nigeria Women Professional League needs a systematic approach.


The chairperson said, the players need to be more patient because an agreement has been reached on how to clear the outstanding salaries.


She said, “As regards the owed salaries, we can’t be too rigid, we must also give room for some flexibility. We have compelled the club to pay them part of what they owe and they’ve paid and they have given us guarantee of how they are going to offset the rest.


“We are a responsible organisation and we just have to hold them to their words to pay up what is left of the girls’ salaries. We can’t say no to their negotiations because if we do, these girls may run the risk of being without a club and not and eventually don’t get paid.


“We don’t want to imagine a girl who has invested all her time and talent playing for a club leave without nothing. It takes a lot of deep thinking and analysing the situation to make a final decision.”


According to reports, Pelican Stars and Delta Queens’ players had on several occasions cried out over months of unpaid salaries, with players of Pelicans presently owed six months salaries.

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