The iconic history and strength of Nigeria’s Super Eagles have always been put to stiff tests, and that will always be, because of the dynamics of football. But for a side with a good number of legendary showings and performers, nothing short of above – average outings are still expected all the time, whoever are the players, the coaches, the time and the opposition.




In most recent time, the fall of the Eagles from their dizzying heights in the African game especially, was best exemplified with the 0-2 loss to Madagascar at the last AFCON. Putting that sad day behind the mind of the very passionate follower of the team has not been easy.



But that has got to be, and it has been before the horror of today at the Ogbe stadium, Benin, Edo state, against one of the lowly-rated sides in West Africa!




Great teams do have bad days. Brazil had it when they were pounded 7-1 by Germany in front of home fans at the 2014 world cup finals. There are other ample instances of such a spectacle.




But when a great team surrenders a 4-0 lead, like it happened today (yesterday) when Sierra Leone drew 4-4 with the Eagles, after being behind 0-4 for half an hour, the narrative is something else, not ‘a bad day’.




The character of any strong side is in its consistency and in its true expression of its core quality,all the time and anywhere.




The Eagles of this evening were horrendous, the first half display of 4 goals is no excuse, and should not be consoling. A team’s offensive potency must be as sharp as its defensive prowess, that is complete, anything short is incomplete.




If we are to forgive today’s Eagles second half disaster, especially the players, who are mostly not a reflection of the historical quality of the side, we cannot gloss over the disgrace of surrendering a four – goal lead against SIERRA LEONE, on our own soil! Very ugly.




But the signs have been ominous. We have only been cowardly to start a revolution of regenerating our game, rebuild it gradually from the scratch and watch it develop to the level where our teams again become juggernauts of the continent.




Sack Rohr now, but under the same system, nothing will advance, and more shocker like this will always await us.



This is not about the players we paraded today essentially; it is about a football culture that is groping for direction.




A 4-4 draw is not a face-saver on our home soil, it is a horror film.

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