EDO 2020 : Lagos Contingent reject “ Headquarters of Beans “ Hall

EDO 2020 : Team Lagos reject “Headquarters of Beans“ Hall


The Popular Hall IV at the University of Benin known as the “Headquarters of Beans” for its aged toilets, bathrooms, and poor facilities has been rejected by the officials and athletes of the Lagos state for Hall of residence during the National Sports Festival.


One of the athletes told Punch Newspaper in a Phone Conversation that the Hall was not conducive for resident.


He said, “When we arrived at the venue, we were asked to proceed for registration, so we could not access the rooms immediately. After the hectic registration process, we were asked to go to Hall IV. When we got there, it was not conducive at all. We could not even enter.


The official, whose name was undisclosed, further explained that the organizer changed the accommodation after requesting for another .


“We complained and our officials also reasoned with us. They later asked the organisers to change the accommodation and they did. We are now in Hall VI and it is better.”


The Senate of the University of Benin had ordered students to vacate its Halls of Residence from April 1 ahead of the 20th National Sports Festival taking place in Benin between April 2 and April 14.

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