Kaduna Marathon is an official race on world athletics calendar

Kaduna Marathon is an official race on world athletics calendar


The global governing body for athletics recognises Kaduna Marathon as an event on its sporting calendar. This was disclosed in Kaduna today at the unveiling of elite runners and sponsors of the event. The Acting Governor of the state was presented with certificates confirming this status today in Kaduna by officials of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria led by its president, Olamide George.


Ex-Olympian Yusuf Alli, who is the technical director of the race, said that any records set at the Kaduna Marathon will be accepted as valid by the world athletics authorities, and will be entered into the history books.


Alli disclosed that the route of the Kaduna Marathon was marked by one of the leading experts in the field and that the global standing of the race is such that it can be accepted as an Olympic qualifier.


He assured that the Kaduna Marathon which will begin by 7:30am on Saturday, 21 November 2020, will conform to international standards and will be run in a loop similar to that used for this year’s London Marathon.


Acting Governor of Kaduna State Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe said that the state is delighted to welcome sponsors, elite runners, athletics officials, journalists and other participants to Kaduna for the first edition of the Kaduna Marathon.


Dr. Balarabe explained that “the Kaduna Marathon provides another platform to bring people to Kaduna and to bring the people of Kaduna together in a common endeavour.”


She expressed gratitude to all the persons that have registered to participate in the event. “Your decision to run in the Kaduna Marathon has made the event possible. Whether your motivation is glory, professional esteem, to support a good cause or sheer fun, you have made it your race. When you start the race by tomorrow, you will be creating a new history as the first runners in the first official marathon event in this part of the country.”

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