Super Six Playoffs is not in the rule book – Abdul Maikaba , Plateau United’s Coach

Super Six Playoffs is not in the rule book – Abdul Maikaba , Plateau United’s Coach


Plateau United’s coach, Abdul Maikaba has said that the preferred option by the League Manangement Company to conclude the season is not in the rule book .

The statement was made available by Amaechi Agbo in an interview with coach.

According to Maikaba , the decision is an unfair treatment to his team considering the option the LMC used to decide the league champion in 2018 .

“I don’t see a situation where the team with 49 points will be joined with the team on 39 points to play ‘playoff’ together, He said.

“It’s not even in the rule, so why not stick to the PPG rating and end the league? Why playoff? PPG should be the first option to be considered,” Maikaba lamented.

The League Management Company on Monday has decided to use option three, which is the Super Six Playoff , out of the four options available for the management to restart the league season after the coronavirus pandemic brought it to an abrupt end .

In an an interview with Channels Television on Monday , Shehu Dikko said , the best option to conclude the season is the Super six Playoffs .

“Based on our conversations with not just the clubs, even around the NFF leadership, government authorities and on what is happening with the increase in the number of (COVID-19) cases, I think the most feasible option is option three. At the moment, that will see us going for the play-offs to at least have the fair chance of giving the top teams the chance to compete for the title and also for the CAF competitions.

“For now, that should be on the agenda but with the four options on the table, we will have a conversation with the NFF and then we present it to the government and a collective decision will be taken.”

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